Training for Chemists

National Council of Chemists

Being always updated is always fundamental to work properly in the field of safety. ICOTEA provides distance learning courses even for chemists.

Since its birth in 1998, ICOTEA has always offered high-quality education. The National Council of Chemists authorised ICOTEA to provide education programmes for professional chemists through the authorisation No. 659/15/ national council of chemists/fta of 13/11/2015.

Among them you will find:

Post-graduate course in Safety and Environmental Management

Chemists need to enhance their competencies, grow professionally through continuing professional development. ICOTEA provides an excellent opportunity for the development of your critical faculties and intellect, and also instils important transferable skills you can use whatever your job is.

Thanks to this education prgoramme, chemists can earn credits useful for their profession and required for their professional updating.

Discover our professional approach to a wide range of Continuing Professional Development courses even for chemists.