Training for Social Assistants

National Council of Social Assistants

Our e-learning institute was authorised by the National Council of Social Assistants to provide continuing professional development courses for Social Assistants. ICOTEA has agreements also with Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Sicily, that have recognised the post-graduate course in Family Mediation as valid for earning training credits for qualified social assistants.

From 1st January 2014 all qualified social assistants must attend a refresher course. Our education programmes for social assistants fit your needs. Thanks to our e-learning platform, you will save time and money.

Here you are all the courses for Social Assistants:

Post-graduate course in Special Educational Needs;

Post-graduate course in criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation;

Specialisation course in ABA/SEN/SLD;

Post-graduate course in Family Mediation;

Cultural/Intercultural Mediator Course;

Course for Professional ethics for Social Assistants;

Post-graduate course in Specific Learning Disability.

As you can imagine, above all there is the Course for Professional ethics for Social Assistants which allows to earn 15 PTC for the professional updating of these professionals.  In particular, this course aims to improve their decision-making process and to raise awarness about rights and duties and provides competences concerning the major references to the legislation.