Training for school personnel

ICOTEA is a learning institute authorised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research:
- with Decree No. AOODGPER 6833 of 19.09.2012, Icotea was included in the list of qualified bodies for training for school personnel;
- ICOTEA was officially registered in the registry of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (31 October 2006 prot.474/668);
- Authorisation decree to become a school for linguistic mediators (O.J. No. 242 of 15.10.2013);
- Ministerial Decree 170/2016 – Icotea was included in the list of qualified bodies (Dealer Code ZAIXV).
Icotea proposes two-year post graduate course, single subjects; post-graduate courses, a degree course, advanced training courses, specialisation courses, IT certifications, Italian courses and other courses, even about safety at school. Our educational proposal includes refresher and specialisation courses for teachers and professors.
You can view all details of our courses; access requirements, economic advantages, study plan, occupational opportunities and the validity of your certificate abroad.
You can follow your lessons and exams through the e-learning platform, available 24/7.
Lessons will be available within 24 hours of registration. Students must be able to count on personal tutors.

Economic advantages

ICOTEA offers three economic advantages:
- you can use the training voucher to partially cover the total amount of your course;
- teachers can enrol in our courses taking advantage of the Teacher’s card, EUR 500 Voucher, for professional development of teachers. Compatibility of the funded training voucher and the “EUR 500.00 teacher’s card”. Dealer code ZAIXV;
- you can pay in instalments.

S.O.F.I.A. Platform

ICOTEA is included in the list of learning institutes of the digital S.O.F.I.A. Platform (Italian operating system for training and update initiatives for teachers) created by MIUR, pursuant to decree No. 317 of 1 August 2016.

Work exemption

Since ICOTEA is a qualified body for training school personnel, our students can take advantage of work exemption, according to the current legislation concerning professional qualification.

Two-years specialisation courses 3000 hour and 120 ECTS credits (articles 6 and 8 Act 341/90)

Two-years specialisation courses 3000 hour and 120 ECTS credits (article 6 and 8 Act 341/90)
Certificates and qualifications earned at the end of post-graduate courses/two-years specialisation courses (3000 hours and 120 ECTS), provided under articles 6 and 8 Act 341/90, are valid for all categories open to recruitment in order to update school rankings:
points 5,00 for Mobility and Transfers;
points 6,00 for Italian School ranking for associate teachers and graduates;
points 3,00 Competition for a teaching post;
points 3,00 Rankings for headmasters;
120 ECTS credits.
The two-year specialisation courses consisting of 3000 hours and 120 ECTS credits are:
Specialisation course in Educational methodologies and Pedagogy in the school of the future;
• Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD;
• Family Mediation.

Access requirements
Any kind of graduation.

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate courses last 12 months (1500 hours) and provide 60 ECTS credits
• Safety and environmental management
• Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role
• Special Educational Needs
• Family mediation
• Teaching Italian L2 to foreign people
• Law and Economics: human resources management
• Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments
• Headmaster: between new rules and educational organisation
• Specific Learning Disability
• Legal Forensic Translation
• Literary translation and texts editing
• Teaching modern foreign languages
• Tourism Management
• E-Commerce Management
• Creative Web Writing
• Social media Marketing
• Criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation
• ABA Methodology
• School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout management
• The new leadership in the School 3.0: mobbing and school inclusion

Specialisation courses/Qualification

Specialisation courses last 12 months (1500 hours) and provide 60 ECTS credits
• Digital animator
• Work-related learning
• CLIL methodology
• S.E.N.
• S.L.D.
• ABA methodology
• Educator specialising in social pedagogy
• School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout management
• The new leadership in the School 3.0: mobbing and school inclusion

24 CREDITS for Teaching Competition
Anthropology, psychology, pedagogy and teaching methodologies and technologies.

ICOTEA offers four post-graduate courses and five single subjects in order to obtain the 24 CREDITS required for the next Teaching Competition.
If you attend one of the four post-graduate courses you will earn a threefold certificate, without incurring any additional cost.
•the final certificate issues three points for school rankings;
•the certificate granted by eCampus University issuing 24 CREDITS in anthropology, psychology, pedagogy and teaching methodologies and technologies required for the next Teaching Competition;
PTC (professional training credits) for self-employed professionals who work in public and private bodies.
Everyone can earn the 24 CREDITS, irrespective of the type of the degree earned.
Our four post-graduate courses last 12 months (1500 hours). The titles offered are
•‘Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role’;
• ‘S.E.N. Special Educational Needs’
• ‘S.L.D. Specific Learning Disability’;
•‘Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments’.

Single subjects

Each single subject issues 6 ECTS credits:
• Pedagogy, special pedagogy and inclusive teaching (M-PED/03) – 6 ECTS credits - 150 hours;
•Psychology (M-PSI/04) – 6 ECTS credits - 150 hours;
•Anthropology (M-DEA/01) – 6 ECTS credits – 150 hours;
•General Teaching Methodologies and Technologies (M-PED/04) – 6 ECTS credits - 150 hours.

The fifth single subject is cumulative and it is called:

24 CREDITS: Special pedagogy and inclusive teaching (M-PED) + Psychology (M-PSI) + Anthropology (M-DEA/01 – M-FIL/03 – L-ART/08) + General Teaching Methodologies and Technologies (M-PED/03 – M-PED/04) – 600 hours.
It includes all the four subjects required and provides 24 credits. It lasts five months.
Single subjects are taken by our degree programme in Linguistic mediation.
You can attend single subjects (taken by our degree course in Science of linguistic mediation) at our School for Linguistic Mediators “ICOTEA” that is authorised by the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education, University and Research), with the Decree of 23/09/2013 – O.J. No 242 of 15/10/2013.
List of single subjects: Italian literature (L-FIL-LETT/10), English language I (L-LIN/12), French language I (L-LIN/04), English literature (L-LIN/10), French literature (L-LIN/03), Contemporary Italian literaure (L-FIL-LETT/11), Business organisation (SECS-P/09), Public law (IUS/09), Theory and philosophy of languages (M-FIL/05), English language II (L-LIN/12), French language II (L-LIN/04), Linguistic mediation English-Italian I (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation French-Italian I (L-LIN/04), Spanish language (L-LIN/07), European financial law (IUS/12), Financial sciences (SECS-P/03), Linguistic mediation Italian-English II (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation Italian-French II (L-LIN/04), German language (L-LIN/17), Contemporary history (M-STO/04), IT (INF/01), Private law (IUS/01).

Degree course

The degree course in Linguistic Mediation lasts three years and provides 180 ECTS credits. It allows students to acquire a cultural and linguistic deep knowledge in two foreign languages, required for teaching. The certificate granted by ICOTEA has the same legal value of certificates conferred by other universities. You can use this title even for public competitions.
You dont’ need to pass an entry test to study with us.

Linguistic certifications

Icotea is an examination center for Gatehouse, which is a certifying body for the English language recognised by the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education, University and Research).
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello A1;
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello A2;
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello B1;
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello B2;
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello C1;
• Certificazione Lingua Inglese Livello C2.


ICOTEA provides even courses about workplace safety (workers' safety representative, Prevention and Protection Service Manager, Firefighting operator in accordance with the legislative decrees 81/2008 and 106/2009), Privacy (Data controller), First Aid and HACCP/food handlers, in particular for schools.
Our education programmes are valid to update school rankings.


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