Educational programmes

ICOTEA is an accredited learning institute authorised by the MIUR through the following accreditations:

- Decree n. AOODGPER 6833 dated 19 September 2012, concerning the registration of ICOTEA in the list of the accredited/qualified bodies for school personnel training;

- Registration in the register of (Italian) national statistics with the final code (31 October 2006 Prot. 474/668);

- Decree authorising the creation of a secondary school for linguistic mediators (O.J. n. 242 dated 15 October 2013);

- Ministerial decree 170/2016 – registration in the list of accredited and qualified bodies (Dealer code ZAIXV).

ICOTEA offers a multitude of training proposals: masters, degree, advanced training courses, postgraduate courses, computer certifications, Italian language courses and others, such as those concerning safety at school work environments.

For all our training products you can find a dedicated section containing details about access certifications required, economic benefits, syllabus, validity of the final certification and employment opportunities.

Our distance learning programmes enable you to sit distance exams, thanks to our portal available 24/7.

You can enjoy lessons within 24 hours of registration and each student will have a personal tutor.

Economic benefits

We guarantee you three economic benefits:

- Training voucher, that is a funding that partially cover the whole investment;
- Teacher’s Card, that is a € 500.00 bonus for professional update (Dealer code ZAIXV). You can use both Training voucher and Teacher’s card at the same time in order to make your course cheaper.
- Payment by instalments: you can pay a part of your investment at the moment of the registration and the other one when you will finish your training course.

Platform S.O.F.I.A.

ICOTEA, as a learning institute, is registered (Decree n. 317 dated 1 Agosto 2016) in the digital platform S.O.F.I.A. (operating system for training and update initiatives for teachers), created by the MIUR in order to manage teachers’ compulsory training and help teachers to improve their professional knowledge. ICOTEA guarantees you a high level training.

Work exemption

ICOTEA, as accredited body for training, allows you to enjoy the right of work exemption, in accordance with the current legislation about professional qualification.


Masters last for 12 months and consist of 1500 hours, giving you 60 ECTS.

Degree course

The degree in linguistic mediation science recognises 180 ECTS and lasts three years. Training activities are provided through e-learning and give students an advanced knowledge of two languages and foreign cultures, in order to gain access to teaching. In particular, the degree in linguistic mediation science allows to teach foreign languages in public schools. You don’t have to sit any entrance exam to enrol and it gives you the opportunity to take part in public competitions.


ICOTEA adds to its advanced training and postgraduate courses, others training instruments concerning safety at workplace (workers representative for safety, responsible for prevention and protection service, firefighter operator, in accordance with the legislative decree 81/2008 and 106/2009), Privacy (Data controller), First aid, in particular in primary schools and kindergartens and food hygiene/HACCP. The degree course, masters, advanced training courses and postgraduate courses let you advance in ranking schools.