Continuing professional development for accountants

The National association of accountants authorised ICOTEA, from 2017 to 2019, to provide training for accountants.

The National association of accountants established that this kind of training is compulsory to enhance competencies and face up to new challenges concerning their job. They need refreshing and acquiring new speficic and technical competencies. The Council Regulation provides for a professional growth by continually raising and improving quality standards of their activity.

From 2017 to 2019 qualified accountants must earn at least 90 credits (30 each year) 9 concerning the professional association and ethic, anti-money laundering rules and mediation techniques.

Professional must attend courses provided by qualified centres as Icotea. The e-learning platform allows obtaining the certification required by studying at home.

For accountants, Icotea provides:

  1. Course in Revision, civil and tax mediation and arbitration (60 hours).
  2. Course in Civil partnerships and forms of cohabitation outside marriage: property, fiscal and inherited aspects, negotiating autonomy (60 hours).
  3. Course in Law and Economics: human resources management (50 hours).
  4. Course in Anti-money laundering obligations (60 hours).