Continuing professional development for industrial experts

Continuing professional development for industrial experts is laid down in Council Regulation. In other words, all industrial experts must follow refresher courses to earn credits required to perform this sort of occupation. You have to update your competencies over a five-year period since 1 January 2007, according to the latest amendments made to this Regulation.

Icotea received the authorisation to provide eduction for industrial experts on 26th October 2016. Industrial experts can grow professionally and improve quality standards of their activity.

Our e-learning training offers a complete education programme, by focusing on both technical and scientific rigour. Thanks to our flexible e-training platform you can follow your lessons 24/7, wherever and whenever you want. Students must be able to count on tutors who will reply within 24 hours.

For people who earned a school leaving diploma or a degree in industrial and technical disciplines, ICOTEA proposes the Insurance expert course (160 hours). This is an online education programme that gives you the chance to earn credits even in the insurance sector, by implementing new occupational opportunities.