Training for Notaries

Icotea has been officially authorised by the national association of notaries, to provide training for notaries. Qualified notaries accept to attend refresher courses regularly. They need to earn each year 40 credits and at least 100 credits for activities related to their professional ethics.

Icotea provides different e-learning education programmes for notaries, thanks to our innovative online platform. Students can take advantage of LiveChat and others instruments to contact the tutor directly for any question. Icotea provides several courses. You can enrol by taking advantage of special economic conditions and the innovative online platform:

  1. Course for Professional ethics for Notaries (40 hours) to earn 40 credits per year.
  2. Course about revision, civil and tax mediation and arbitration (60 hours) for professionals, even notaries. This course gives you the chance to acquire three qualifications concerning civil mediation, tax mediation and arbitration.
  3. Course about civil partnerships and forms of cohabitation outside marriage (60 hours) for continuing professional development.
  4. Course in Law and Economics: human resources management (50 hours). This course aims to enhance human capital.
  5. Course about anti-money laundering obligations for professionals (60 hours) gives you the chance to acquire competencies concerning money laundering.