Continuing Training

35 continuing education courses

Currently ICOTEA is the learning institute with the highest number of continuing education programmes. To remain competitive, freelancers should constantly look into expanding and upgrading their skills and earning Professional training credits.
ICOTEA proposes blended courses. Once your registration has been completed, lessons will be available.

Our current continuing education courses:
Professional ethic for Chartered Accounts
• Professional ethic for Social assistants
• Professional ethic for Notaries
• Professional ethic for Accounting Experts
• Professional ethic for Labour consultant
• Professional ethic for Journalists
• Professional ethic for Health professions
• Revision, civil and tax mediation and arbitration
• Law and Economics: human resources management
• Anti-money laundering obligations for professionals
• Civil partnerships and forms of cohabitation outside marriage


Two-year specialisation coursesContinuing Training

Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD

Teaching and School | Continuing education

Two–year specialisation course
ABA method, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Specific Learning Disability ...

Advanced Training CoursesContinuing Training

Cultural/intercultural Mediator course 1500 hours

Teaching and School | Languages | Conflict Management | Immigration | Import-Export | Mediation | Human Resource

Advanced training course 1500 hours – 60 ECTS
60 ECTS – 20 PTC