Post-graduate courses

43 post-graduates courses

High-quality education programmes. Thanks to our post-graduate programmes you can stay connected to the labour market and enrich your knowledge through e-learning.

Since ICOTEA was founded, it aimed to provide a high quality education keeping up to date with current educational courses, such as the online post-graduate course in 'Teaching italian as a foreign language', for example. Understanding educational needs it is important to offer a high level of professionalism.

Our post-graduate courses, officially recognised, are provided even through blended mode thanks to our e-learning platform available 24/7. Blended learning is aimed at those who need autonomy and flexibility according to their own needs, whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, our low-threshold courses give you the chance to reduce costs. You can't miss  this chance to enhance your knowledge!

you can enrol in one of our post-graduate courses very easily: access the page of your favorite course and buy it paying just a part of the total amount. At the end of you course you will pay the rest of the amount. Lessons are available within 24 hours from registration.

Currently we offer the following post-graduate courses:
• Family mediation 1500 hours
• Teaching italian as a foreign languages 
• Human resourse management
• Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments
• Headmaster: between new rules and educational organisation
• Specific Learning Disability

• Safety and environmental management
• Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role 

• Special Educational Needs

• Legal Forensic Translation

• Literary translation and texts editing
• Teaching modern foreign languages

• Tourism Management
• E-Commerce Management

• Creative Web Writing
• Social Media Marketing

• Criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation

• School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout management

• Legal Psychology and Criminology

• Law and Sportmarketing

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate course for Learning support teachers

Teaching and School | Conflict Management | Continuing education | Human Resource | Healthcare

ECTS 24+36 - CME 50 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

Learning support teachers focus on the provision of suppleme...

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication

Import-Export | Continuing education | Human Resource | Digital | Law/Economy

ECTS 60 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

This post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication aims at ...

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate course in Family Nursing

Continuing education | Human Resource | Healthcare

ECTS 60 - CME 50 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

This course aims at providing specific knowledge to nurses conc...