Italian language courses for foreigners

Italian language courses for foreigners

Do you need to deepen your knowledge of the Italian language, acquire the basics or reach an advanced level?

Choose the course in Teaching the Italian language to foreigners of ICOTEA!

Communication is essential to better integrate into a country and in the world of work, for this reason, ICOTEA offers Italian language courses for foreigners. These are Italian language courses for the second language (or L2) in which a student learns Italian, a non-native language, in Italy.

The online courses offered by ICOTEA are divided into 2 levels, basic and advanced, depending on the starting level of knowledge of the Italian language. There is also another specific course of 100 hours dedicated to foreign students. We have structured our courses thinking of the simplest way through which the students can increase their linguistic, communicative and cultural skills in the Italian language, acquiring a wide and in-depth knowledge.

To allow students to easily organize their time between study and other activities, the way ICOTEA delivers the Italian course is typical of a blended learning course. By simply connecting to the dedicated platform, the student can access the lessons whenever they wish, according to their own needs.

For an easier integration in public and private contexts, choose the Italian language courses for foreigners provided by ICOTEA. Our courses offer advantages also from an economic point of view, and by choosing our offer you can have not only all the freedom of an online course but above all the guarantees of high-quality training, completely oriented to the needs of its students.





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