Ongoing Training for Architects

Doing your job seriously and professionally means always being up-to-date. It is in this context that the range of services offered by ICOTEA fits in. In compliance with the regulations for the ongoing training of architects, ICOTEA provides courses that allow the acquisition of the training credits necessary to exercise the profession.

Since it was founded in 1998, ICOTEA has placed the quality of the training services it provides at the heart of its work. In the field of professional training, ICOTEA also stands out for the quality of the courses it provides, thanks to the validity of its collaborators, and the fact that it is a qualified institute that has obtained authorization to carry out training activities accredited by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators (CNAPPC).

Among the courses that allow you to acquire professional training credits (PTC):

  • Safety Coordinator Refresher Course;
  • Energy Certifier of Buildings Course
  • Safety and Environmental Management Postagraduate course
  • Training and Information High Risk
  • RSPP course Module B
  • RSPP course Module B-SP1
  • RSPP course Module B-SP2
  • RSPP Course Module B-SP3
  • RSPP Course Module B-SP4
  • RSPP Refresher Course B/SP1 – SP2 – SP3 -SP4

The acquisition of mandatory training credits is essential to be able to carry out the job of architects, since among the objectives of ongoing training there are not only the ability to improve skills and acquire new ones, but also the ability to develop professionally by staying up to date with the latest technological innovations. The purpose of training credits is precisely to demonstrate that the obligation of ongoing professional training has been fulfilled, and the range of courses offered by ICOTEA is designed to meet this need.

Each course corresponds to a certain number of training credits that architects can then see recognized. By choosing from a range of topics, you can reach the required number of credits extremely easily, thanks to our distance learning service. All you have to do is choose the topics you are interested in and make sure that the corresponding credits will help you achieve the goals set out in the ongoing training regulations.

Refining your personal skills is easy thanks to ICOTEA courses!



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