Ongoing Training for Industrial Experts

The ongoing training of industrial experts is established by the regulations issued by the CNPI (National Council of Industrial Experts) according to directives in line with other professional orders. In other words, all registered industrial experts are required to attend refresher and training courses in order to acquire the necessary training credits to carry out the profession. The verification of these credits takes place on a five-yearly basis from January 1, 2017, precisely in implementation of the latest changes to this regulation.

Icotea, as part of the training obligations to which all professional orders are subject, since October 26, 2016, has been accredited by the National Council of Industrial Experts as an institution authorized to provide courses and training credits for industrial experts. From this point of view, those who work as industrial experts, thanks to ICOTEA, can grow professionally, find new opportunities and raise the quality standards of their work.

The training principles that inspire the ICOTEA e-learning institute focus on the need to provide students with complete didactic paths, with particular attention to the professionalizing aspects and to the technical-scientific rigour, but also on the flexibility and the possibility of direct and immediate access to the proposed contents. This goal is made concretely achievable thanks to the online platform that allows you to follow the lessons and take the final exam remotely, avoiding expensive travel. In addition, the portal is active 24/7, in order to make it easier for those who have different work schedules to attend the courses. Finally, a tutor is always available within 24 hours of application to answer any doubts or requests for clarification.

Among the courses provided by ICOTEA that issue PTC (professional training credits):

  • Course of Energy Certifier of Buildings
  • Postgraduate course in Safety and Environmental Management
  • Course RSPP Module B
  • Course Supervisor / Head of sector High risk
  • Course RSPP Module B-SP1
  • Course RSPP Module B-SP2
  • Course RSPP Module B-SP3
  • Course RSPP Module B-SP4
  • Course English Language Certification B2

Those who have a high school diploma or a degree in technical-industrial disciplines can attend the Insurance Expert Course (160 hours) provided by Icotea. This training course, which takes place completely online, is an example of how it is possible to obtain training credits by specializing in different areas such as insurance, with interesting new professional opportunities.



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