Ongoing Training for Chartered Agronomists and Foresters

Chartered agronomists and foresters have a deontological obligation to maintain and improve their professional preparation. In order to comply with the requirement of training, they must participate in ongoing professional training activities that allow to achieve the updating, growth and deepening of professional knowledge.

The activities of the training courses for agronomists can grant professional credits and include topics related to law, ethics, social security, taxation, protection of personal data, health and safety in professional offices and other important areas.

Icotea is authorized by the National Council of Chartered Agronomists and Foresters to provide online training courses that allow these professionals to earn the required professional credits quickly and easily, without having to move from their offices.

Among the courses that allow you to obtain these credits are:

  • Professional Conciliator/Civil Mediator Course
  • Biennial Refresher Course Civil Mediator/Conciliator
  • Postgraduate course in Safety and Environmental Management
  • Refresher cours for Safety Coordinator
  • Course RSPP Module B-SP1
  • Course RSPP Module B
  • Course RSPP Module C
  • Course for Energy Certifier of Buildings



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