One-year Specialization Course – 1500 hours and 60 ECTS

The certificates and final certifications obtained at the end of our One-year Specialization Course – 1500 hours and 60 ECTS are compliant and valid for all classes of competition for the updating of school rankings.

Developing high-level specialized skills and improving one’s professionalism are just some of the advantages offered by choosing one of the many post-diploma training courses, the so-called specialization courses.

For those who wish to deepen their knowledge in a specific subject area, ICOTEA offers online specialization courses that grant valid student credits (ECTS). In order to respond to a wide range of educational needs, among the training offers there are courses specially formulated for teachers, and others typically post-graduate. For those who choose to enroll in one of our specialization courses, the attendance is e-learning, remotely and in blended mode. Once enrolled in the course you can access the platform available 24/7.

Here’s the procedure to register on the ICOTEA e-learning platform:

  • insert username, password and proceed to the biometric facial recognition.
  • The final exams consist of a series of multiple-choice tests and an oral exam.
  • The teacher, in order to complete the examination, will proceed to the oral exam through ZOOM platform (before the date of the examination you will be sent guidelines to register to ZOOM). The questions asked by the teacher will concern the topics of the training plan the student must have studied.
  • At the end of the Master, ICOTEA will check the “Access Reports”, and will issue the final certificate only if the lessons have been downloaded, and if the written exam (multiple choice test) and the oral exam have been passed. If that was not the case, we will send you an email to comply with the requirements needed.
  • The final certificate can be downloaded from the e-learning platform at the top of the page of the training course in which you are enrolled, after having taken and passed the final test and oral exam, paid the balance and spent the period of the duration of the master.

Choosing to enrol in one of the training courses offered by ICOTEA is the ideal solution for those who wish to improve their preparation and consolidate their knowledge, especially considering that the e-learning method allows total flexibility, leaving participants free to manage their study time according to their needs. In addition, you can count on the quality of ICOTEA’s training courses and on the reduction of costs: compared to traditional courses they are significantly lower.

Discover all the post-graduate courses offered by ICOTEA and choose the perfect course for you: trust our reliability and experience to enrich your education with targeted skills!

The list of specialization courses currently provided:

– Digital Animator

– BES: Special Educational Needs

– DSA: Specific Learning Disorders

– ABA: Method for Autism

– The new leadership in school 3.0 between mobbing and school inclusion

– School 3.0 Cyberbullying and Burnout Management

– CLIL Methodology

– Mental Disorder and Social Reintegration


The number of points for the school rankings and any updating depends on the ministerial table in force at the time when you self-declare the qualifications held for the Italian Education Accessing System:

– III Fascia graduatorie ad esaurimento (Italian 3rd range of exhausted classifications);

– II and III Fascia graduatorie d’Istituto (Italian 2nd and 3rd range of Insitute rankings);

– Mobility and Transfer;

– Graduatorie perdenti posto già di ruolo (Italian vacancy rankings).

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