Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Linguistic Mediation- 180 ECTS

Obtaining a degree is becoming more and more important in order to find a job, and thanks to ICOTEA’s courses it is possible to obtain your degree online, a document that certifies that you have successfully completed a specific course of study. Degrees are recognized by institutions and ICOTEA offers a Bachelor’s degree of three years, which can also be attended in blended mode. Obtaining the certificate is easy thanks to the e-learning platform active 24/7: it is possible to attend lessons directly from home, at the most convenient times, organizing your study according to your needs. By choosing to enroll in an online degree program, in addition to a greater flexibility you also have another advantage: lower costs.

In a globalized world where knowledge of foreign languages is of paramount importance, ICOTEA offers the three-year online degree course in Science of Linguistic Mediation, authorized by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), with the Ministerial Decree of 23/09/2013, published in the Official Journal n.242 of 15/10/2013, which grants 180 ECTS. The goal of this training path is to allow the student to acquire a deep knowledge of at least two languages, English and French, and learn a basic level of two other languages, German and Spanish. If fluency in foreign languages has become an indispensable resource for the performance of any job, this degree course provides a valid and recognized certification.

For ATA personnel it is valid for updating school rankings.


The number of points for the school rankings and any updating depends on the ministerial table in force at the time when you self-declare the qualifications held for the Italian Education Accessing System:

– III Fascia graduatorie ad esaurimento (Italian 3rd range of exhausted classifications);

– II and III Fascia graduatorie d’Istituto (Italian 2nd and 3rd range of Insitute rankings);

– Mobility and Transfer;

– Graduatorie perdenti posto già di ruolo (Italian vacancy rankings).

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