Italian Language Course - Beginner Level - 500 hours

We applied cutting-edge approach toward learning Italian online and combined it with our signature methodologies and modern technologies to create Basic Italian Language course for those striving for high standards and benefits.

New global rules are characterized by common human mobility. The phenomenon of migration has touched also our country requesting new solutions for dissemination of the Italian language on local and international level. Distance Learning technologies provided basis for new ICOTEA methodologies perfectly displayed in basic Italian lessons from ICOTEA offering Beginner Level course with 500 working hours in order to allow foreign users to use language in everyday and simple personal life situations, but also in family, social and work life.

With minimum level of language proficiency, language learning is one of the key tools for effective integration in both public and private context. Our Basic Italian Course – Beginner Level – 500 working hours allows to acquire and to improve linguistic and communicative skills and cultural knowledge essential to an effective social and work integration.

Why our Italian Language Course?
Our Basic Italian language course (500 hours) allows you:

  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of Italian, thanks to its continued use in a wide range of situations of daily and professional life;
  • To know a new culture enriching your own cultural and ‘human’ knowledge;
  • To earn a cultural title recognised in Italy and abroad according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), system of validation of language ability developed by the Council of Europe.

Training advantages:

  • To promote integration of students in the host country, by providing linguistic tools necessary for communication;
  • To stimulate dialogue among different cultures;
  • Knowledge of a foreign language, that is nowadays a necessary requirement to access the world of work without “geographic ranges”.

Economic advantages:

  • The training course is partially covered by the funded training voucher available by 31 October 2022. The total investment is € 689.00, but with this voucher you will pay only € 499.00, including VAT.
  • Payment by instalments: initial registration fee (€ 249,00) and payment by balance (€ 250,00) at the end of the course, with any additional cost.


The Italian language course – Basic level (500 hours) is for beginner level students, who are interested in a basic Italian course and want a high-quality product.

Our Italian language course is for:

  • Professionals
  • University students
  • Teachers
  • Employees
  • Freelancers
  • Students

Access certifications

Upper secondary schooling or an equivalent title issued by Italian or foreign schools.

When does this course start?

  • This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
  • You have to enrol by 31 October 2022;
  • To access click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page “Enrol and buy“.

Education news

  • Qualified mother-tongue teachers with ten years’ experience
  • Simulations, practical assignments
  • Both exams and lessons are online;
  • The training portal is available 24/7;
  • Follow your lessons from your computer, whenever and wherever you want;
  • Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
  • A tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Study plan

  • Main structures of Italian
  • Alphabet
  • Letters, numbers, days
  • Syllables and phonetics
  • Basic grammar elements (phonology, morphology, etc.)
  • Definite and indefinite articles
  • Articles and agreement with genre
  • Basic lexicon, to allow students to have a first contact with the new language and to start communication
  • Basic sentence structure
  • Italian verbs Essere (to be) and Avere (to have)
  • Indicative mood: present simple, present perfect, past tense, future
  • Font
  • Human body
  • How to greet
  • Useful sentences to ask for clarifications
  • Italian formal and informal ways of addressing people (learn when to use “”tu”” and “”lei”” forms)
  • Lexicon and simple sentences related to yourself, family and environment
  • Basic lexicon and simple sentences related to main aspects of civil life.

Our Basic Italian Language Course – Beginner Level – 500 working hours is an investment in your future!
Contact us immediately for any information and get benefits from our offer.

Italian Language Course - Beginner Level - 500 hours

125 days
Total hours:


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  • MINISTERIAL ACCREDITATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS obtained from the MIUR, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy authorize ICOTEA, as a Ministerial Qualified Training Institute, to carry out training activities recognized as suitable by Public Institutions.
  • the CERTIFICATES ISSUED are valid in Italy and abroad, for freelancing, public competitions, career advancement, professional training credits and school rankings.
  • ICOTEA is authorized for the CONTINUING TRAINING OF FREE PROFESSIONALS: Physicians; Nurses; Health Professions; Lawyers; Social Workers; Notaries; Accountants; Accounting Experts; Engineers; Surveyors; Surveyors; Architects; Geologists; Agronomists and Food Technologists. CMEs or CFPs will be validated upon completion of these training courses.
  • ICOTEA is a CERTIFYING INSTITUTION for LANGUAGES thanks to authorization from Gatehouse for English, TELC for German, Herzen State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg for Russian, and finally the University of Foreigners of Perugia for Italian.
  • MEPA: ICOTEA is an Institution enabled by the MEF and Consip for the provision of training to Public Administration employees.
  • ICOTEA has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION by the RINA group to provide courses IAF:37/34/35.
  • ICOTEA provides SERVICES to its students: FORMAZONE24H a national association accredited by MISE for intellectual professions; STUDENT SERVICES certification and degree issuance; TOMMASO BARONE an expert in Safety and Hygiene in the School and Public Administration sector since 1998; HELP DESK for professional growth and E-CONVERTER Interpreting and Translating agency.

Access qualifications Italian Language Course - Basic Level

High School Diploma or equivalent, issued by an Italian or foreign educational institution.

Target participants Italian Language Course - Basic Level

The Italian Language Course - Basic/Beginner Level - 500 hours is aimed at beginner level students who are looking for a basic Italian language course and want a highly qualified product.

Career opportunities Italian language course - Basic level

Certificate valid to demonstrate knowledge of the Italian language


Courses provided in E-learning mode:

  • Within 24 hours since enrollment, you will be notified of the registration procedure and access key to access the ICOTEA e-learning platform where you will find all the lectures and exams of your training course.
  • To enroll on the platform you must click on "E-LEARNING": - located on the site at the top right of the home page. Here you will be asked to insert: username, password and enable your biometric facial recognition.
  • Biometric facial recognition is an automatic system that checks that you are taking classes. To enable it, you will be asked to take a photo of yourself through the webcam on your PC or camera on the device you are connecting from. For the photo we recommend that you frame your face totally, without covering it with hands, hair, headphones or anything else.
  • The lectures are consequential. To continue with the training course, the student is required to follow the lectures by demonstrating his presence in front of the screen of their device. In this way they will be able to access the various intermediate and final exams.
  • You will have the support of a tutor who will follow you during your training course, responding within 24 hours to any questions or requests, which will be sent to the e-mail address

Exams provided in E-learning mode:

  • Final exams consist of a series of multiple-choice tests and an oral exam:

- You will be asked to complete a multiple-choice test via Icotea's e-learning platform.

- This will be followed by an oral exam, administered by your course instructor, via ZOOM platform (you will be sent guidelines to dowloand ZOOM before the exam date).

  • The questions asked by the teacher will cover the topics included in the study plan of your training course.
  • After receiving on your email the positive result of the final exam (non-intermediate), you will be able to download and print the end-of-course certificate directly under "my certificates" on your profile in the platform. The end-of-course certificate can be downloaded and printed only after:

- the successful passing of the final exam;

- the verification of the attendance recorded on the login report;

- the completion of the course

- verification of the regularity of payments to ICOTEA training courses/services.

Study Plan Italian Language Course - Basic Level

  • Main structures of the Italian language
  • Alphabet
  • Letters-numbers-days
  • Syllables and phonetics
  • Basic grammatical elements (phonology, morphology, etc.)
  • Definitive and indeterminative articles
  • Articles and gender concordance
  • Acquisition of a minimum basic vocabulary, allowing the approach to the new language and a beginning of communication
  • Acquisition of basic sentence structure
  • Verbs to be and to have
  • Use of verbs in the indicative tense: present, past tense, imperfect, future tense
  • The character
  • The human body
  • Greetings
  • Useful phrases for asking for explanations
  • Italian formal and informal ways of addressing people (learn when to use ""tu"" and ""lei"" forms)
  • Vocabulary and simple sentences relating to oneself, family and environment
  • Basic vocabulary and simple sentences relating to the main aspects of civic life


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  • Instalments with no additional cost: Once the enrolment/deposit fee has been paid, the remaining amount can be paid in instalment according to your needs at no additional cost.
    E.g.: If the One-year post graduate course involves an investment of Euro 649.00. You can pay only 249.00 euro; the remaining amount can be paid in instalments at the end of the course without any additional costs.
  • Training Voucher: for certain training courses that fall into one of the following categories: One Year post-graduate courses - Single Courses - Two-Years Postgraduate Courses – Ongoing Training for Professional Orders – Advanced Training Courses – One year Specialization Courses - Language Certifications - IT Certifications - Italian Courses - Other Courses it is possible to take advantage of the Training Voucher. It is an economic benefit that ICOTEA makes available to students for partial coverage of the amount of certain training courses.
    E.g.: the planned investment for the One year Post-graduate course is 999.00 euro, while thanks to the Voucher the investment is 649.00 euro.
  • Teacher's Card: ICOTEA is a ministerial training institute accredited to MIUR according to the Directive 170/16 Practice Code ZAIXV. Teachers can therefore enrol in our training courses by taking advantage of the Teacher's Card.
  • YOUTH CARD: ICOTEA also has an agreement with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Department of Youth Policy and Universal Service for the YOUTH CARD. The youth card is a virtual card reserved for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who can apply exclusively through the IO App. The purpose of this virtual card is to take advantage of the 5 percent discount to be used for enrollment fees in the various training courses provided by ICOTEA. The training courses provided by ICOTEA affiliated with YOUTH CARD are: One Year post-graduate courses - Single Courses - Two-Years Postgraduate Courses – Ongoing Training for Professional Orders – Advanced Training Courses – One year Specialization Courses - Language Certifications - IT Certifications - Italian Courses - Other Courses.
  • VAT exempt: Icotea, as a University Institute, has the ateco code 85.42, assigned by the C.C.I.A.A. Therefore, the training courses provided by Icotea are exempt from VAT. Therefore, our students can deduct a higher percentage for tax purposes than other Institutes/Bodies.


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ICOTEA provide different ADDITIONAL SERVICE to our students:

  • FORMAZONE24H a national association accredited by MISE for intellectual professions;
  • STUDENT SERVICES certification and degree issuance;
  • TOMMASO BARONE an expert in Safety and Hygiene in the School and Public Administration sector since 1998;
  • HELP DESK for professional growth;
  • E-CONVERTER Interpreting and Translating agency;
  • istituto accreditato

    Institute Accredited by the Ministry

    ICOTEA is a Ministerial Learning Institute authorized by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) to provide education courses and the Bachelor's Degree in Science of Language Mediation.

  • voucher

    Training Voucher

    The Training Voucher is an economic facilitation that ICOTEA makes available to students for partial coverage of the total amount of the training courses.

  • rateizza

    Payments in instalments at no extra cost

    Once you have paid the registration fee, the remaining amount can be paid in installments according to your needs, without additional costs.

  • attestato finale

    Final Certificate

    You can download from the e-learning platform both your Final Certificate and the certification containing the topics dealt with in your education programme once you pass the final exam and pay the balance, and according to the established timetable.

  • 24 7

    24/7 E-Learning platform

    Our learning platform is accessible 24/7 so that you can study whenever you want. After enrolling in a training course, ICOTEA will send your username and password to your email address within 24 hours. In this way you will be able to attend the chosen course on the ICOTEA e-learning platform.

  • sede

    Icotea Locations

    Via Mecenate n. 105 6th floor - 20138 Milan Via Federico Rosazza n. 26 (Trastevere) - 00153 Rome Via Sorda Sampieri n.128 – 97015 Modica (RG) Via XX Settembre 16 - 97014 Ispica (RG)

  • iva

    VAT exempt

    Icotea, as a University Institute, has the Ateco code 85.42, assigned by C.C.I.A.A. Therefore, the training courses provided by Icotea are exempt from VAT.

  • mepa


    Icotea is authorised by the MEF and Consip to sell education services to the Public Administrations through the MEPA platform.

  • studio

    Right to study 150 hours

    For the courses provided by ICOTEA, it is possible to obtain, from public and private administrations, the work exemption thanks to the permits for the right to study of 150 hours per year, within the limits provided for by current regulations.

  • cfp

    ECTS/PTC/CME credits

    In order to acquire any missing ECTS/PTC/CME in a specific disciplinary field or profession, you can enroll directly to single courses, degree, one- and two-year postgraduate courses, one-year specialization courses and other courses.

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Carta Giovani: ICOTEA è convenzionata anche con la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri dipartimento Politiche Giovanili e il Servizio Universale per la CARTA GIOVANI. La carta giovani, è una tessera virtuale riservata ai giovani compresi dai 18° a 35° anni di età che possono richiedere esclusivamente tramite l’App IO. Lo scopo di tale tessera virtuale è di usufruire dello sconto del 5% da utilizzare per le quote d’iscrizione ai vari percorsi formativi erogati da ICOTEA. I percorsi formativi erogati da ICOTEA convenzionati con CARTA GIOVANI sono: Master Laurea – Corsi Singoli – Diploma Specializzazione Biennali – Corsi di Alta Formazione – Perfezionamento Post-Diploma – Certificazioni Linguistiche – Certificazioni Informatiche – Corsi di Italiano – Altri Corsi;

Esente Iva:  Ad Icotea, in qualità di Istituto Universitario, è stato assegnato il seguente codice ateco 85.42 da parte della C.C.I.A.A, pertanto, i percorsi formativi erogati sono esenti da iva. I nostri corsisti, quindi, possono detrarre ai fini fiscali una percentuale maggiore rispetto altri Istituti/Enti non universitari.

How to enrol

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