Condominium Manager Course – Professional Qualification 72 Hours

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Total hours:

18 days




Date from:


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72 PTC

This condominium manager online course issued by ICOTEA allows you to obtain the qualification required to practise this profession, and to know the laws related to the condominium and the condominium management modes.

Condominium manager online course (72 hours)

This condominium manager online course issued by ICOTEA allows you to obtain the qualification required to practise this profession, and to know the laws related to the condominium and the condominium management modes.
According to the reform regarding condominium that took place with the Law dated 11 December 2012 n. 220 and the Ministerial Decree dated 13 August 2014 n. 140 sanction, the figure of the Condominium manager is compulsory when there are more than eight residents. Each year the condominium manager must attend a refresher that must last at least 15 hours.
The condominium manager must be able to solve the problems related to condominium life and be able to mediate disagreements. He must be able to manage suppliers, regulate tenders, handle subordinate employment relationships and, in particular, maintain strong internal relationships with the residents. A good manager must know which insurance is required for the protection of buildings and residents, and he must have communication abilities, reliability, problem solving and organisational skills.
The Ministerial Decree dated 13 August 2014 n. 140 authorises the implementation of this course through e-learning (Distance Learning).


– ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR and the Ministry of Justice as a training body for Mediators n. 123 and Conciliation body n. 164, so our certificates have legal value and are valid in Italy and abroad.
– The final certificate will be issued within 24 hours of passing your exam. It will contain the following wording: “”Condominium manager – 72 hours””, in accordance with the Law 11/12/2012 n. 220 following modification and integrations and Ministerial Decree 13/08/2014 n. 140.
– Training portal.
– Personal assistance.

Economic advantages

– The training course is partially covered by the funded training voucher, that is a funding, available by 30 June 2024 , ICOTEA obtained in order to partially cover the total amount of this course. The total investment is € 689.00, but with this voucher you will pay only € 499.00, including VAT;
– Payment by instalments: initial registration fee (€ 249,00) and payment by balance (€ 250,00) at the end of the course, with any additional cost.

When does this course start?

– This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
– You have to enrol by 30 June 2024 ;
– For access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page “Add to cart“;
– This course is funded by the European Union and it consists of 72 hours.

Occupational opportunities

This course aims to train a high-level professional figure, operating in the field of condominium and real estate management.

This course has two aims: both the preparation of people with upper secondary school qualifications and young graduated for the integration into the working world in the real estate sector, and providing a qualified professional update for professionals and real estate agents, already registered in professional registers, in order to diversify their own activity and enhance their possibility of making profits.

Education news

– Blended learning and full immersion.
– The teacher could need a meeting through videoconferencing/Skype during the exams, exercises and the discussion of the final dissertation.

Access certifications

Upper secondary school diploma.

Study plan

– Regulatory framework
– Condominium
– Common parts
– Condominium assembly
– Condominium guidelines
– Condominium expenses
– Condominium balance sheet
– Condominium policy
– Plants and safety
– Psychology of the condominium
– Condominium disagreements – Mediation
– Condominium majority to take decisions
– Final exam

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  • MINISTERIAL ACCREDITATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS obtained from the MIUR, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy authorize ICOTEA, as a Ministerial Qualified Training Institute, to carry out training activities recognized as suitable by Public Institutions.
  • the CERTIFICATES ISSUED are valid in Italy and abroad, for freelancing, public competitions, career advancement, professional training credits and school rankings.
  • ICOTEA is authorized for the CONTINUING TRAINING OF FREE PROFESSIONALS: Physicians; Nurses; Health Professions; Lawyers; Social Workers; Notaries; Accountants; Accounting Experts; Engineers; Surveyors; Surveyors; Architects; Geologists; Agronomists and Food Technologists. CMEs or CFPs will be validated upon completion of these training courses.
  • ICOTEA is a CERTIFYING INSTITUTION for LANGUAGES thanks to authorization from Gatehouse for English, TELC for German, Herzen State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg for Russian, and finally the University of Foreigners of Perugia for Italian.
  • MEPA: ICOTEA is an Institution enabled by the MEF and Consip for the provision of training to Public Administration employees.
  • ICOTEA has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION by the RINA group to provide courses IAF:37/34/35.
  • ICOTEA provides SERVICES to its students: FORMAZONE24H a national association accredited by MISE for intellectual professions; STUDENT SERVICES certification and degree issuance; TOMMASO BARONE an expert in Safety and Hygiene in the School and Public Administration sector since 1998; HELP DESK for professional growth and E-CONVERTER Interpreting and Translating agency.

Access Qualifications

High school diploma.



For those who want to become condominium managers, attendance at this course is mandatory.

Professional opportinuties

The course is designed to train a professional figure of medium-high level, operating in the field of administration of condominiums and management of real estate.
This path of study aims to prepare both high school graduates or young graduates for employment in the real estate sector, both professionals and real estate agents, enrolled in the register, in order to diversify their activities and increase the chances of earning.


Courses provided in E-learning mode:

  • Within 24 hours since enrollment, you will be notified of the registration procedure and access key to access the ICOTEA e-learning platform where you will find all the lectures and exams of your training course.
  • To enroll on the platform you must click on "E-LEARNING": - located on the site at the top right of the home page. Here you will be asked to insert: username, password and enable your biometric facial recognition.
  • Biometric facial recognition is an automatic system that checks that you are taking classes. To enable it, you will be asked to take a photo of yourself through the webcam on your PC or camera on the device you are connecting from. For the photo we recommend that you frame your face totally, without covering it with hands, hair, headphones or anything else.
  • The lectures are consequential. To continue with the training course, the student is required to follow the lectures by demonstrating his presence in front of the screen of their device. In this way they will be able to access the various intermediate and final exams.
  • You will have the support of a tutor who will follow you during your training course, responding within 24 hours to any questions or requests, which will be sent to the e-mail address

Exams provided in E-learning mode:

  • Final exams consist of a series of multiple-choice tests and an oral exam:

- You will be asked to complete a multiple-choice test via Icotea's e-learning platform.

- This will be followed by an oral exam, administered by your course instructor, via ZOOM platform (you will be sent guidelines to dowloand ZOOM before the exam date).

  • The questions asked by the teacher will cover the topics included in the study plan of your training course.
  • After receiving on your email the positive result of the final exam (non-intermediate), you will be able to download and print the end-of-course certificate directly under "my certificates" on your profile in the platform. The end-of-course certificate can be downloaded and printed only after:

- the successful passing of the final exam;

- the verification of the attendance recorded on the login report;

- the completion of the course

- verification of the regularity of payments to ICOTEA training courses/services.

Study Plan

  • The regulatory framework in condominium
  • The Condominium
  • The common condominium parts
  • The Condominium Assembly
  • The Condominium Regulations
  • Condominium expenses
  • The Condominium Budget
  • Condominium Policy
  • Installations and Security
  • Condominium Psychology
  • Condominium Disputes - Mediation
  • Condominial Majorities
  • Final Examination


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  • ICOTEA is accredited to MIUR according to the Directive 170/16. Teachers can therefore enroll in our training courses by taking advantage of the Teacher's Card, Practice Code ZAIXV.
  • Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 can take advantage of the 5% discount with the youth card.
  • ICOTEA is also accredited by MEPA, the portal of the Public Administration. This tool allows P.A. to purchase quality training courses at an affordable price, ensuring the highest learning standards for employees.
  • Therefore, ICOTEA's training courses are exempt from vat, offering to students the opportunity to take advantage of a higher percentage tax deduction.

Through these discounts, ICOTEA offers its trainees the opportunity to obtain an excellent cost-quality ration, ensuring a quality educational experience at a competitive price.


  • ICOTEA offers several additional services to its students, including FORMAZIONE24H, which is a national association accredited by the Ministry of Economic Development for the intellectual professions.
  • Furthermore, ICOTEA offers STUDENT SERVICES for certification and degree issuance.
  • ICOTEA also has an expert in safety and hygiene in the school and public administration sector, TOMMASOBARONE, who has been working in this field for more than 20 years.
  • In addition, there is an help desk to assist on your career and an interpreting and translation agency, E-CONVERTER.

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