Health and safety instructor course 64 hours


The course of 64 hours aims to increase the knowledge of the trainer on techniques, methodologies, and tools to achieve effective training in Health and Safety at Work.

Tommaso Barone is the reference teacher of this course and leader on the national market for the Safety at work sector thanks to accreditations, qualifications and awards and operates since 1998.

Sign up for the course and you will be entitled, free of charge, to a consultancy/advice/ clarification, according to your needs, in the areas of public administration or school/ university/academia.

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Ministerial accreditations at the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Work and Social Policies recognize that ICOTEA is a qualified Ministerial Training Institute in the field of Training and thus is qualified to realize training activities recognized as suitable by Public Institutions.

ICOTEA has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification from the RINA group in the field of organization and delivery of professional training courses, one-year post-graduate courses and online training courses for public bodies and companies; consultancy services in the field of environment, quality and safety for public bodies and companies and conciliation services.

MEPA. Icotea is an authorized body by the MEF and Consip for the purchase of services by the Public Administration, through the MEPA platform. The MEPA platform is the electronic marketplace of the Public Administration that serves to digitally match them with private service providers.

Access qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree/Diploma in the following disciplinary areas: technical, health, scientific, agricultural, environmental.
  • High school Diploma obtained at an Institute: technical, commercial, professional, tourist, hotel.

In addition to this course, to practice as a Health and Safety Trainer you must have the following experience:

  • At least twelve months of work experience or professional experience consistent with the subject area covered by the course

Also one of the following points: didactic training course, with a final examination, lasting at least 24 hours, or teaching qualification, achievement of a three-year diploma in Science of Communication or a Posta graduate course in Communication;

  • alternatively: previous experience as a teacher for a minimum of 32 hours in the last 3 years, in health and safety at work;
  • alternatively: previous experience as a teacher for a minimum of 40 hours in the last 3 years, in any subject;
  • alternatively: training courses as a support for a teacher, in any subject, for a minimum of 48 hours in the last 3 years.


Those who want to acquire the role of Health and Safety Instructor are obliged to take this course.

Professional Opportunities

The role of Safety Instructor can be done in training Institutions, schools, public agencies, companies and as a freelancer.

Examination mode and use

  • The start of the course will take place in the 24 hours following enrolment, you will be notified via e-mail of the registration process and your enrolment key, so you can immediately access the online classes;
  • The registration to the course must be done by 31 May 2022.
  • To enrol click on the yellow rectangle on the right of this page “add to cart”.
  • To register in the ICOTEA e-learning platform you need to: enter the username, password and facial biometric recognition.
  • The lessons are in scorm mode, which means they are consequential, so the physical presence of the student is necessary to continue with the next lessons and to access the various intermediate and final exams.
  • The final exam (to be done in 60 minutes) is a test of 30 multiple choice questions to be done directly on the platform and an oral exam. In real-time you will be able to see the grade achieved. In case you don't get the 18/30 grade, you can retake the test again at no extra cost.
  • The teacher, at the end of the test, will proceed to the oral exam through the ZOOM platform (before the date of the exam will be sent a guideline to register to ZOOM). The questions asked by the teacher will cover the topics of the training plan studied.
  • At the end of the course, ICOTEA will check the "Access Reports" and will issue the final certificate only if the lessons have been downloaded, the written exam (multiple-choice test) and the oral exam have been passed. If not, it will send a communication via e-mail requesting the required fulfilments.
  • The final certificate can be downloaded from the e-learning platform, only after having taken and passed the final test and oral exam, provided the final payment and spent the period of the duration of the course.

Study Plan

  • The Hierarchy of Legal Sources
  • Approach to the Consolidated Text
  • Duties and Responsibility
  • UNI_CEI_CE regulations
  • Risks Classification
  • Work-related stress
  • The risk od Alcohol and Work
  • The Mobbing in the Public
  • Sanitary Surveillance
  • Ergonomics of the Job
  • Normative Aspects Representative of Security at work
  • Participation of RLS
  • Consultation of RLS
  • Who is the person in charge
  • The new regulation of training
  • Communication techniques
  • Final Exam

Economic Advantages: The more you learn, the more you save

Enroll/Purchase by the 31 May 2022 for more Economic Benefits

  • Training Voucher: for this course, students benefit from the Training Voucher. This is an economic facility that ICOTEA makes available to students for partial coverage of the amount of some training courses.
  • g.: the planned investment for the course is 999.00 euros, while benefiting from the Voucher the investment is 649.00 euros
  • Or the planned investment for the course is 689.00 euros, while benefiting from the Voucher investment is 499.00 euros.
  • Or the planned investment for the course is 399.00 euros, while benefiting from the Voucher investment is 249 euros.
  • Instalment without additional costs: once the enrolment down payment is paid, the remaining amount can be divided into instalments at no additional cost
  • g the investment or service of the course is 649,00 euros pay now 249,00 euros and the remaining amount at the end of the course or service delivery without additional costs.
  • Teacher Card: ICOTEA is a ministerial training institute accredited to the Ministry of Education under directive 170/16 practice code ZAIXV. Teachers will be able to enrol in our training courses by taking advantage of the Teacher’s Card,
  • Vat exempt: Icotea, as a University Institute, has the Ateco code 85.42, assigned by the C.C.I.A.A. For this reason, the training courses provided by Icotea are exempt from VAT. Our students can deduct for tax purposes a higher percentage than other Institutes/Bodies.
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